Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Smartphones have forever changed how we interact and behave in our personal lives. But the impact on business culture has been just as big. Emails can now be received anywhere your phone gets signal. The idea of work being 9-5 is changing. Work doesn't stay at the office anymore, it comes home with you. Not in a briefcase filled with folders and documents, but in emails, contact lists, pdfs, all stored on your phone. So as privacy rises to the forefront of our minds when it comes to the personal information in our phones we also need to consider how our business life is impacted by these devices.While smartphones allow us to be connected to the net at all times they also allow the risk of outside sources connecting to us. This means we need to be very careful about how and where we go online with our devices. Public wifi networks are wonderfully convenient and a free alternative for the sometimes slow data signals we get from carriers. Coffee shops and Airports are two prime examples of locations that offer free public networks to encourage patrons to browse the web or check their mail. However, the convenience comes with the price of lowered security on those networks. Cyber criminals can take advantage of these low security connections to intercept data from people using these networks. Someone snooping on your Reddit browsing is a violation of your privacy but realistically won't affect you. Someone intercepting your work emails while you finish up that presentation before getting on the plane though is a different story. Businesses invest a lot of money to keep their information private and storing this information on your phone can be risky. This makes it increasingly important to protect your phone. Radio Frequency blocking cases give you the protection you need when you're surrounded by possible malicious activity. There's no chance of someone connecting to your phone to steal information off it through the Radio Frequency (RF) shielding case. You can travel with your phone knowing that the documents on it are safe.

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